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chairman's message

chairman jinrong zhao

great era great mission

 we are living in a great era of scientific and technical revolution, accompanying the advent of the fourth industrial revolution. industry4.0andmade in china 2025bring great development opportunities for our electronic information industry. technologies such as big data, cloud computing, internet of things, smart power grids, intelligent transportation system, and artificial intelligence are changing our lives. it is the high-end semiconductor process equipment that supports the development of the whole electronic information industry.

 in order to stimulate the development of china high-end semiconductor process equipment and precision component, naura has merged sevenstar and nmc, two big semiconductor equipment suppliers, and it will become the largest semiconductor equipment industrial platform and precision electronic component platform in china.

 as the pioneer of china high-end manufacturing industry, naura dedicated the upstream of electronic industry, will continue to provide motility for electronic information industry developing and promote the healthy development of industry chain, with superior quality and premium service, to support the intelligent living of human being.

we will forge ahead, insist on innovation, and strive for excellence with the heart of walker, scholar and craftsman. we were grateful to the great time and will accomplish our great mission!