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naura technology group co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as naura), is a leading enterprise of integrated circuit high-end technological equipment in china. it was formed through a strategic restructuring between beijing sevenstar electronics co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as sevenstar electronics) and beijing north microelectronics co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as nmc).

  having inherited years of high-technology research and development strength of sevenstar electronics and nmc, naura integrated its resources and complemented its advantages with a new futuristic perspective based on technological innovation. the company devotes itself to quickening its strategic transformation to become a part of the new-type manufacturing industry, becoming  a trusted provider in the field of semiconductor basic products to improving the smart-living, and realizing china’s dream of “strengthening a country through intelligence“.

  naura mainly engages in semiconductor equipment, vacuum equipment, new energy lithium battery equipment and precision components businesses, which provide solutions for semiconductors, new energy resources, new materials as well as other related fields. at present, naura owns four major industrial manufacturing bases, and its marketing service system covers the major countries and regions in europe, america and asia.

  in the future, naura will shine in the world arena as an advanced semiconductor basic products enterprise, strive for further development and lead the way for the future. furthermore, naura will also adhere to customer-centric,value creator-oriented, continuous innovation, promote industry progress, and create unlimited possibilities.

core business group
  •   naura provides high-end semiconductor equipment for global customers, assists chip manufacturers to realize their dreams of chip manufacturing, and introduces the technology into our new life. naura’s products include etching equipment, pvd equipment, cvd equipment, oxidation/diffusion equipment, cleaning equipment, novel display equipment, gas mass flow controllers, etc.

  •   naura focuses on three core technologies: vacuum, thermal engineering and control, to provide efficient, energy-saving and environment friendly vacuum heat treatment equipment and technical solutions for the fields of semiconductors, photovoltaic equipment, vacuum electronic devices and smart power grids.

  •   with more than 60 years of experience in electronic dedicated equipment manufacturing, plus its continuous innovative development, naura has become a specialized high-tech company that centers at manufacturing pole equipment, providing customers with turn-key lithium ion battery solutions.

  •   the precision electronic components of naura include resistors, capacitors, crystal devices, microwave components, secondary power supply modules, etc. with high reliability and precision. naura provides high-quality products and services for different fields such as high speed railway, smart power grids, aerospace, medical equipment and satellite navigation.